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MxD hosts a variety of events throughout the year to bring critical information about digital manufacturing and cybersecurity to MxD’s ecosystem of members and the broader manufacturing community. Our convenings, in-person and virtual, bring together subject-matter experts to drive MxD’s technology investment strategy.

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What We Do

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    Webinars cover a range of topic areas within digital manufacturing, including cybersecurity for manufacturing and workforce development

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    Below we feature a list of our 2020 Webinars and links to view them when available. 

2020 Webinars

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Achieving Resilience through Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management


How do manufacturers proactively manage supply chain risk in an increasingly complex and dynamic global network in order to achieve resiliency? Supply chain resiliency is limited by timely access to supply chain data. Supply chain participants lack concrete examples of how and why sharing data will benefit them. Industry needs digital solutions that connect existing supply chain risk management datasets and joins them with AI technology to drive proactive response to risks.

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