Where innovative manufacturers forge their futures

Where innovative manufacturers forge their futures

MxD equips U.S. manufacturers with the digital manufacturing tools and expertise they need to begin building every single part better than the last.

Leading digital manufacturing and cybersecurity partners

Our partners depend on fresh thinking and bold doing. In a world where innovation is a ubiquitous ambition, MxD stands apart. We are grounded by a deep understanding of what digital manufacturing transformation requires, and we hold ourselves accountable to the high stakes.


We invite those who recognize that their survival depends on fresh thinking to join our growing digital manufacturing community. Here you’ll discover an ideal environment to find new ways to increase your productivity and win more business.

McKinsey & Company
AT&T Business
Fast Radius
John Deere
Lockheed Martin
Software AG
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The Hiring Guide: Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

The nation’s digital manufacturing institute, MxD, has released The Hiring Guide: Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, a ground-breaking guide to help U.S. manufacturers build the workforce they need to protect the industry from growing cyber threats. Read the press release here or download the report for free by clicking the button below.

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Focus Areas

The most advantageous opportunities of the future will involve digitally powered manufacturing. Innovative manufacturers turn to us to forge that future in the following areas.


Future Factory

MxD serves as a testbed for new digital manufacturing technology. Among these new products, some of which are tested and…
Explore Future Factory


As manufacturers digitize and become more interconnected, they must be constantly vigilant with not only their own security practices but…
Explore Cybersecurity

Supply Chain

While some manufacturers are still struggling to go paperless, GPS systems are enabling unprecedented visibility into logistics, and online retailers…
Explore Supply Chain

Digital Engineering

Digital engineering powers continuous improvement. It’s all about gathering, capturing, integrating, analyzing, and using data to increase efficiency and reduce…
Explore Digital Engineering

Workforce Development

From defining the manufacturing jobs of the future to creating a digital manufacturing curriculum for high schools, MxD helps communities…
Explore Workforce
Factory Floor

Factory Floor

Making every single part better than the last requires production lines to be embedded with software and sensors, and hooked up to the cloud. Only with this ability to send and receive data can the equipment improve itself and learn from every part produced in real time.

Our 22,000-square-foot research factory is used to test and demonstrate these new digital manufacturing technologies, train the workforce on how to use them, and demonstrate the need for manufacturing cybersecurity to protect the entire process.

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