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MxD partners with our top-tier partners, academic researchers, startups and the U.S. government to launch digital manufacturing projects with commercial potential.

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Making every single part better than the last is a goal too big for any one company to reach on its own. Collaborative projects like these help our partners solve digital problems outside of their core competencies.

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Track and Trace Technology and Solutions


As Industry 4.0 becomes more prevalent, organizations can be further equipped to make informed production decisions quicker than ever. Tracking of inventory, assets or WIP has been around for many decades but identifying cheap and effective solutions is difficult. For many manufacturers, particularly SMMs, the cost of implementing a sophisticated tracking system does not provide the ROI needed to justify the investment. In addition, with so many solutions available, there needs to be more guidance to help manufacturers identify what they need based on the specific problems they need to solve.


Exploring Blockchain for Supply Chain Integrity


Managing a supply chain is an inherently difficult task. From determining authenticity, enabling traceability to protecting proprietary information – there are many moving parts that need to be kept track of. The transactions taking place between companies or even within one organization require trust and a certain level of transparency that ensures agreed upon criteria are being met consistently. As manufacturers increasingly move towards digitization and Industry 4.0, it is important that the systems and methods used can keep up with the growing rapidity and complexity of daily operations.


5G Cellular Technology for Industrial Facility IIoT Applications


This program seeks to establish a methodology to investigate and test the various types of 5G cellular architecture, 5G cybersecurity, and IOT applications of 5G wireless technology to determine the appropriate configuration for use in manufacturing facilities. Items such as wireless sensors, control systems, and related equipment will be tested within the facility over various conditions. Test results, lessons learned, and best practices will be made available for publication. The 5G system will also serve as an ongoing testbed for industry and DoD for additional use cases in the future.

Current Projects

Project Number: 20-01-A

Supply Chain Enhancements

This project will develop and implement supply chain visibility tasks within the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute (CIRI) Cybersecure Dashboard. 

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Project Number: 20-15-01

Pathfinder Phase I: Securing 3D Printers in Manufacturing

MxD is partnering with the Department of Defense in the evaluation and development of a risk assessment for additive manufacturing (3D printers) as 3D printers do not currently meet the NIST Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework (RMF).

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Project Number: 20-17-01

Rapid and Secure Deployment of Medical Devices

MxD has partnered with Siemens and Fast Radius to demonstrate how 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and other digital technology can improve response times in the manufacture of point-of-care of medical devices.

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Project Number: 20-11-04

Physics-Guided Machine Learning for CNC Milling

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Third Wave Systems will optimize computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining parameters using a combination of physics-based models, in-process data, and machine learning to reduce scrapped parts. 

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Project Number: 20-11-09

Model-Based Systems Engineering for Digital Manufacturing: A Proof of Concept

Georgia Tech teams up with Rolls-Royce to accelerate the maturity of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) models by providing decisionmakers with a methodology aimed at capturing manufacturing and production system considerations in an authoritative source of truth model-based environment.

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Project Number: 20-11-11

Digital Twin Tool for Cybersecurity

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Siemens will develop a digital twin tool that enables manufacturers to run cybersecurity tests on virtual replicas of the physical machines and networks on their factory floor.

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Project Number: 20-02-07

Visual Inspections Perfected Using AI

The project will integrate an Artificial Intelligence inspection system with the Digital Thread to provide timely, actionable insights about the quality of adhesive dots deposited on a planar surface.

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Project Number: 20-11-10

Cyber Threat Mission Builder

University of West Florida and Siemens Dwill developing a tool for creating and simulating cyber threat scenarios against target environments that are based upon real-world threat intelligence and adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures for the purpose of training, testing, and defending those environments.

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Project Number: 20-13-01

Docent Phase 3 – Technology Transfer

This phase of the project continues development of the Docent Manufacturing Readiness Assessment software tool with the key objective of establishing a commercial-ready solution with a baseline sustainability model for the support and growth of the tool.

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Project Number: 20-05-01

Achieving Resilience Through Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management

This project will knit together best-in-class technology to produce a modularized machine learning-enabled software component (Dynamic Risk Mitigation Engine) that integrates supplier, bill-of-material, and event-based risk information to produce recommendations aimed at preventing supply chain disruptions before they happen.

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Project Number: 20-04-01

Digital Transformation Toolkit for SMMs

This project will develop actionable resources to help small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) “get started” in digital manufacturing through implementing detailed case studies at SMM testbeds.

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Project Number: 20-16-01

Supply Chain Risk Alert II (SCRA2)

MxD, along with industry partners, will develop a supply chain mapping and risk management middleware platform that provides policymakers and supply chain leaders the ability to efficiently assess a wide range of value chain designs of pandemic scenarios to optimize supply chain resiliency and agility during an emergency. 

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Project Number: 20-25-01

Pathfinder Phase II: Securing 3D Printers in Manufacturing

Phase II of the Pathfinder project covers the implementation of the security measures that have been identified during Phase I for the evaluation a Markforged 3D printer. During Phase II, the project team will continue to expand and increase security in the manufacturing and use of 3D printers in order to provide assurance for the machines to connect to enterprise networks. 

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Project Number: 19-13-05

Human Workflow Digital Twin: Fatigue and Motion Analyses

This project will develop a new framework for a human-centered digital twin by developing and demonstrating a viable means to measure worker motion and fatigue during manufacturing assembly tasks.

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Project Number: 19-04-04

Digital Twin Testbed for Process Manufacturing

This project will develop and implement a framework for collecting and aggregating various sensor data that will be necessary to build a digital twin of a product, process, and auxiliary equipment.

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Project Number: 20-11-01

Securing Voice Control Technology in Manufacturing with Cross-Domain Authentication

Rutgers is partnering with Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) to develop new methods to secure voice control technology and help manufacturers defend themselves against voice-based cyber attacks.

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Project Number: 20-11-13

Preserving Privacy in Smart Manufacturing Analytics

Penn State will partner with Siemens to develop a technique to help manufacturers reduce the risk of privacy breaches during model inversion cyberattacks. In such attacks, an adversary uses model output to steal sensitive raw data.

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Project Number: 19-12-02

Enabling Cybersecurity for the Digital Manufacturing Supply Chain

Techsolve, Inc. will partner with Siemens and several other MxD partners to benchmark and evaluate the OT and IT cybersecurity tools currently available to small and medium-size manufacturers.

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Project Number: 19-02-01

SMART: Standards for Metrology-Aided Robot Technology

Boeing is leading this project, which will use metrology to develop standards for enhanced precision of industrial robots. Team members from Boeing, API, Georgia Institute of Technology, Hexagon and Missouri University of Science and Technology will then evaluate the standards on two testbeds.

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Project Number: 21-10-06

Understanding the Discrepancy Between the Design and Implementation of Inventory Policies

The Rochester Institute of Technology is partnering with Dow on a project to optimize how multi-echelon inventory policies are designed and implemented.

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Project Number: 21-10-03

Use of Deep Learning to Analyze Product Lifecycle Data and Identify Errors

Penn State Applied Research Lab leads this project that aims to create a way to use deep learning, a subset of machine learning, to perform automated analyses of product lifecycle management (PLM) system components and detect data anomalies.

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Project Number: 20-18-01

Using Digital Twin Technology to Plan for Emergencies

MxD is partnering with Illumina, Horizon Controls Group, the International Academy of Automation Engineering, and MIT to demonstrate how Digital Twin technology can improve the medical product industry’s resiliency during emergencies.

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Project Number: 21-24-01

Local Health Alert System (LHAS)

The LHAS aims to capture users’ health indicators, translate those indicators to create a risk assessment, and use that risk assessment data to inform the public health supply chain about possible demand surges.

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Project Number: 21-01-05

Cognitive On-demand Design Advisor (CODA)

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) cloud models developed with manufacturing data, CODA will help design engineers reduce engineering change orders (ECOs).

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Project Number: 21-06-01

Scheduling for Manufacturing Applications in Real-Time (SMART)

This project will demonstrate the benefits of real-time closed-loop production scheduling for large-scale as well as small- and medium-sized manufacturers.

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Project Number: 21-10-04

Secure Online Digital Twin Incorporating Physics-Aware Machine Learning for Additive Manufacturing

The goal of this project is development and deployment of an online digital twin framework that will securely, reliably, and efficiently deliver the best part quality possible in additive manufacturing.

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Project Number: 21-11-04

Cybersecurity Solutions for SMMs’ Operational Technology Equipment

This project will identify the cybersecurity problems that small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) face with the increase in networked operational technology (OT) equipment on the factory floor. It will then recommend solutions and build a case for investment in cybersecurity infrastructure.

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Project Number: 21-07-04

Secure Wireless for Factory Operation

This project will investigate the various wireless technologies that can be used for secure factory operation in industrial environments and will provide guidance via an interactive selection tool.

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Project Number: 21-07-02

MxD Cyber-Secure Wireless Test Bed

This project will create an interactive test bed on MxD’s Factory Floor that will demonstrate the various wireless technologies available for secure factory operation in industrial environments.

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Man wearing VR goggles

Reducing Waste in Manufacturing Large Die-Cast Parts

Discrete manufacturers waste material when die-casting complex metal parts. 

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Cyber wall testbed featured on the MxD factory floor.

Helping Businesses Counter Cyber-Attacks

More than half of all small-to-medium-size businesses have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months. 

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Cost Share Guidelines

MxD encourages contributions of voluntary or mandatory cost share to support the digital manufacturing institute ecosystem. Please review the Cost Share Guidelines to learn more or begin the cost share donation process here.


More Success Stories


1. Cybersecurity in the DoD Supply Chain

MxD sponsors a study to assess how small and medium-sized manufacturers are complying with DoD’s new cybersecurity rules.


2. Digitizing Legacy Machines

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences leads a team to develop a sensor retrofit kit. The kit communicates data through an industry standard MTConnect interface to a cloud dashboard.


3. Defining Manufacturing Jobs of the Future

MxD and ManpowerGroup release a digital workforce taxonomy, a groundbreaking analysis that identifies 165 new data-centric manufacturing jobs—roles like “collaborative robotics technician” and “predictive maintenance systems specialist.”


4. Warning Manufacturers of Part, Materials Delays

Dow, Microsoft, ITAMCO, and two universities team up to build a supply chain risk alert system that will warn manufacturers further down the supply chain of delays caused by emergencies, weather, or natural disasters.


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How many projects has MxD funded?

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More than 60 external projects across more than 35 states.

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How much has MxD invested in R&D projects?

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$90 million

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How does digitization improve a factory’s bottom line?

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Through operational efficiencies, predictive and preventative maintenance, better supply chain management, and inventory optimization.

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Are Industry 4.0, The Fourth Revolution and smart manufacturing the same thing?

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They boil down to the same concept: it’s all about applying information and communication technology to manufacturing.

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