Jacket Forming Process Feasibility Study

Identifying opportunities to develop and implement Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in critical processes of existing products.


During research and development (R&D) of a new product, many trial-and-error events occur. Throughout the process, adjustments are made and not always captured. If data is captured from the machine and environment throughout the discovery process it can be used to confirm if the outcome is repeatable plus potentially be used in future R&D projects.

Proposed Solution

The team led by Intellic Integration will focus on a jacket forming machine, its environment, and capabilities to identify what data can be captured during operation. This data will then be stored and available for review and use.


This project focuses on only one machine. But many facilities have the same machine. With a small investment, this project allows the team to test the value that can be gained from the process information and determine if this solution is the best to roll out to similar machines and to be used for complementary projects involving different types of machines.