Tool Management System Feasibility Study

The goal of this project is to identify opportunities to develop and implement advanced manufacturing technologies to streamline — and gather data about — tooling used in research and development (R&D).


An R&D group has multiple machine tooling options. But material is expensive, so efficiency is crucial. This makes it essential to know such information as when tooling is available, in-machine setup parameters, and identification characteristics.

Another problem is that when new tooling leaves inventory, it is very tough to track and identify.

Proposed Solution

The team from Montana-based Very will focus on tooling inventory and travel for a series of press machines to understand machine use, environment, and capabilities to identify what data can be captured during operations. This will be done with a site visit, by interviewing key personnel, and through an understanding of available connectivity.

Captured data will then be stored and available for processing by workers during a project, such as the operator on the floor or an engineer in a different building.


This technology looks to combine location and usage data to manage and schedule work using tooling. Since this project is research and development, it is essential to use that data to understand the exact conditions in place when development is successful and good parts are being made. That leads to process efficiency.