Top 10 Ask Debs: Unveiling the Mysteries of Digital Manufacturing 

Top 10 Ask Debs: Unveiling the Mysteries of Digital Manufacturing 

Meet Deb from QA – with decades of experience on the factory floor – MxD’s digital manufacturing universe. Equipped with a blend of traditional and advanced manufacturing expertise, she answers your questions to demystify and explain the digital manufacturing industry.  

Celebrate our 10-year anniversary with us as we dive into the Top 10 Ask Debs. 

1. Will robots ever completely replace humans in manufacturing?  

The great automation conundrum — “To bot or not to bot?” That is the question. Deb unravels the robot-human saga, revealing that while automation will dance its mechanical jig, humans remain the directors.  

2. Defend Your Process Manufacturing 

Deb dons her armor and brandishes her sword (metaphorically, of course) to safeguard process manufacturing. She spills secrets on building robust systems, fending off disruptions, and performing proactive maintenance.  

3. What is “Digital Twin”? 

Imagine a parallel universe where your coffee machine chats with your CNC mill. That’s the magic of digital twins—a virtual replica of real-world objects. Deb shares how these manufacturing twins optimize performance and analyze data. 

4. Deb: I’m a woman in manufacturing, how do I move up? 

Networking for continuous learning and showcasing achievements, Deb provides practical advice for women in manufacturing. Because, ultimately, gender equality in manufacturing is the goal. 

5. How do I know that file is secure? 

Deb reveals the secrets for file security. Encryption, access control, and regular audits help keep your data under lock, because no one wants their blueprints floating in the digital ether. 

6. Should my kids go into manufacturing? 

Should your kids don their tiny hard hats and join the manufacturing guild? Deb considers whether to craft careers in manufacturing, weighing the pros and cons, considering industry evolution, skill sets, and creating the allure of manufacturing of the future. 

7. Should I disable multi-factor authentication during the pandemic? 

In a world plagued by cyber-attacks, should you disable multi-factor authentication? Deb’s answer: “No!” She warns against complacency and the ever-present need to keep (and add) extra layers of protection to our cyber infrastructure. 

8. How will 5G transform manufacturing? 

Deb discusses the use of 5G technology to revolutionize manufacturing. Faster communication, real-time data and automation — 5G reshapes manufacturing, removing the buffering and building systems to meet the speed of change.  

9. Deb: What is edge computing?  

Deb delves into edge computing — a powerful practice where data resides closer to its source. Expect quicker response times and bandwidth-saving, with the main driver of 5G providing the speed devices need to communicate and share data. 

10. Why should we change?  

Deb emphasizes the need for change: “Adapt or disappear!” In this dynamic marketplace, only those who can transform survive – refine business processes to encourage innovation and competitiveness.  

As we embark on the next decade of digital manufacturing, Deb remains our guiding star. So, whether you’re a curious apprentice or a seasoned expert, she’s a resource to any question to demystify the manufacturing world.