October 31, 2023

5G Private System Design and Implementation

This project created and implemented a private 5G system on MxD's factory floor that served as the base for a testbed and demonstrated and assessed 5G wireless network configurations for industrial applications.


Wireless communication in industrial facilities is key to digital adoption. But it must be secure and reliable.

Most industrial facilities continue to use wired network communications for command and control because of concerns about wireless’ security and data integrity. That is despite wireless’ relative low cost compared to labor-intensive wired system installations.

Proposed Solution

The solution was to create a system to serve as the base for a 5G testbed, which demonstrated benefits and/or limitations of 5G technologies within an industrial facility setting.

This testbed, which is brand-agnostic, allowed authentication of various SIMs. It helped determine optimal configurations of 5G, in a neutral and objective manner, for use in industrial buildings, specifically for the industrial internet of things and digital applications.

Information gathered from this project will be used to create a guide on 5G implementation that will be publicly available for broad industry use including by the Department of Defense.


A unique tool for training the future workforce on 5G, this testbed can help manufacturers reach the goal of transforming and securing the U.S. manufacturing sector through digital technologies, cybersecurity, and an empowered workforce.

This testbed helps to clarify the interdependencies and tradeoffs of various 5G configurations and presents unbiased options. By installing the system on its factory floor, MxD enables manufacturers to test options in an industrial building setting.

Also, recommendations can be made for industrial building applications, providing manufacturers with a clearer understanding of how to take advantage of 5G.


The project was completed in October 2023 and the testbed is fully operational at MxD’s Chicago innovation center. There, it allows manufacturers to try out equipment and solutions, helping to lower barriers to adopting 5G technology.

This testbed is now also being used for another phase of projects focused on cybersecurity applications in 5G industrial communications.