MxD Cyber-Secure Wireless Test Bed

This project will create an interactive test bed on MxD’s Factory Floor that will demonstrate the various wireless technologies available for secure factory operation in industrial environments.


As the digital manufacturing transformation advances, sensors and other sources of data on the factory floor will be relied upon at an increasing rate. Hard-wired connections for manufacturing equipment are costly and inefficient due to the physical space required for such connections. Wireless connectivity solutions that are cyber-secure and allow flexibility, mobility, and less-complex installation are needed to support the continued growth of digital solutions.

Proposed Solution

The team will develop a comprehensive summary of existing and evolving wireless technologies, focusing on factors that are key to choosing wireless systems for factory operation and using those factors to compare technologies. Then, the Cyber-Secure Wireless Test Bed and demonstration installation at MxD will provide a hands-on education tool showing manufacturers how those different wireless technologies can be securely utilized in a factory setting as well as detailing advantages and drawbacks.


This project will accelerate manufacturers' adoption of wireless communication protocols and enable further advancement of digital manufacturing solutions.