Local Health Alert System (LHAS)

The LHAS aims to capture users’ health indicators, translate those indicators to create a risk assessment, and use that risk assessment data to inform the public health supply chain about possible demand surges.


The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the vulnerabilities among disease detection, health-care delivery, and supply chain responsiveness. We learned it is critical during disease outbreaks to locate and isolate cases as quickly as possible and inform the supply chain about possible upcoming demand surges. A health alert system that can accurately predict supply chain surges in real time, while respecting and protecting users’ privacy, is needed.

Proposed Solution

The team will develop the LHAS as a mobile app that will be available on iOS and Android. Built using blockchain technology, the app will allow users to securely store relevant health status and location data in their mobile devices, creating a decentralized database that protects and respects individual choice and privacy.


LHAS will provide supply chains with a real-time view of upcoming demand, or proxies thereof, allowing for better planning and time frames for the manufacture and delivery of goods. As the app matures, and data improves, the LHAS information could be integrated with manufacturers’ distribution systems.