RIA-JMTC MODERNIZATION PROGRAM: Subtractive CNC Machine Health & Network Machine Status

This Rock Island Arsenal-Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center (RIA-JMTC) project aims to enhance visibility of networked equipment in a high-mix, low volume, specialized manufacturing setting, allowing for better monitoring of current projects and optimizing readiness for future projects.


It is not unusual for factory equipment to sit idle for extended periods; however, when equipment is needed, it must be ready for immediate operation. As part of the U.S. Army’s organic industrial base (OIB), RIA-JMTC must maintain unit readiness and support the Army’s ability to surge when needed. To do this, it must know the current and historical status of all of its networked machines.

Proposed Solution

To ensure RIA-JMTC can deliver flexible and responsive warfighter readiness solutions, MxD is implementing a Machine Health Dashboard (MHD). The MHD will collect data from RIA-JMTC’s subtractive computer numerical control (CNC) machines enabling preventive maintenance to improve part quality and reduce machine downtime. The team will also use the MHD to help RIA-JMTC keep mission critical machinery ready. A Machine Status Dashboard (MSD) will collect and display data and will give RIA-JMTC leadership the information needed to make crucial decisions about plant utilization and capacity planning.


This initiative will help improve the ability of RIA-JMTC — as well as that of other U.S. manufacturing and maintenance organizations — to manufacture, maintain, repair, and overhaul various ground systems and their associated components in a more efficient, effective, and affordable way.