July 06, 2022

Supply Chain Risk Alert II (SCRA2)

MxD, along with industry partners, will develop a supply chain mapping and risk management middleware platform that provides policymakers and supply chain leaders the ability to efficiently assess a wide range of value chain designs of pandemic scenarios to optimize supply chain resiliency and agility during an emergency.


Key challenges across supply chains include the lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility, a deficient culture of trust among supply chains, and the secure sharing of data, including performance specifications, factory operations data, or business contracts.

Proposed Solution

The team aims to develop a supply chain mapping and risk management middleware platform based on commercial off-the-shelf solutions. This platform allows for secure data exchange, ​connects multiple public and private data sources to the supply chain map​​, and leverages artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to predict future supply chain risk.


The tool developed through this project can modernize manufacturing for critical items such as medical device parts and to help the Department of Defense, along with key manufacturing sectors, to map existing supply chains to identify vulnerabilities, foreign dependencies, and single source suppliers. It also provides a pathway to identify alternate or indirect suppliers. This tool will enable manufacturers to make data-informed decisions in times of crisis or urgency and minimize impact on production capabilities.


A middleware platform (application) along with educational documentation such as reports, recorded demonstrations, and a best practice supply chain playbook.

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