Exploring Blockchain for Supply Chain Integrity

This project aims to explore the uses and applications of blockchain technology for supply chain management for manufacturers.


As supply chains grow and become increasingly complex, organizations have difficulty verifying authenticity, ensuring traceability, and protecting proprietary and confidential information.​

In addition, outside of the cryptocurrency space, many of blockchain’s applications are in pilot phases. The value that the technology can add is still being determined through research and exploratory programs.

Through development of a foundational set of use-cases, implementations, and a playbook, this project will help us further understand the pros and cons of the technology as well as identify areas for further research.

Proposed Solution

The team from Corsha and The Ohio State University will identify manufacturers’ supply chain challenges, set a baseline of current processes, evaluate available solutions, and determine success criteria​. Next, it will create system architecture and an integration plan, iterate through development and testing phases, and implement and integrate solutions​. That will be followed by executing outcome measurements and capturing lessons learned for a playbook. The last steps will be development and dissemination of a playbook that generalizes what was learned and articulates business needs and rationale for blockchain adoption.


This goal of this project is to educate manufacturers about blockchain technology and detail cybersecurity concerns and other common apprehensions that accompany new technologies​. Removing confusion around blockchain will encourage manufacturers to explore the capabilities of the emerging technology.