October 01, 2017

Attacking the U.S. Cybersecurity Gap

More than half of all small and medium-sized businesses have experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months. MxD has launched multiple projects to address this serious national security issue. One such project resulted in a user-friendly online tool that manufacturers can use to identify and address vulnerabilities in their factories.

A screen shot of cybersecuredashboard.com

A screen shot of cybersecuredashboard.com


CyberSecureDashboard.com guides organizations, especially small and mid-size manufacturers, through the process of assessing and securing their systems. The cloud-based tool provides step-by-step instructions, reference materials, industry best practices and links to templates and tools. What’s next? Working with Heartland Science and Technology Group and UIUC, MxD is improving the user interface to make it more consumer-grade and pairing it with other tools that make it easy for both large and small manufacturers to understand their cyber vulnerabilities and quickly take steps to mitigate them.