Technical Data as a Service (TDaaS)

Technical Data as a Service (TDaaS) intends to address problems with the interoperability and visualization of a Technical Data Package (TDP) for a large manufacturer and its extensive ecosystem of suppliers and partners.


Building and supporting a product requires data interoperability between a manufacturer and its suppliers and partners. That isn’t always happening, leading to quality and timeliness issues. Also, digital threads require ease of data interoperability and collaboration so corrections can be made promptly, reducing overall cost and resolution time while improving customer service.

Proposed Solution

By combining innovative building blocks, TDaaS will provide a leading-edge enterprise grade solution that: Delivers a world-class TDP experience for manufacturers in a secure and personalized way, provides a single accurate source of information and enforces standards via an industry-leading integration framework and reduces system silos, expands visibility and reach, and adds capabilities leveraging a platform that’s built to scale. Software AG Government Solutions,, and Boeing make up the team working on this project.


TDaaS will benefit the manufacturing industry by delivering: Increased productivity and efficiency, improved quality assurance, streamlined design and development cycles covering the complete ecosystem, increased collaboration internally among business units and externally with suppliers and partners and reduced risk and cost overruns.