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picture of Dan Zupancic

Projects & Engineering

Dan Zupancic

Sr. Project Engineer

Dan Zupancic joined MxD in January 2022 as a Sr. Project Engineer to lead a critical Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) R&D funded project to identify and address the challenges exchanging technical data from US Army to suppliers during the procurement process. Through the DoD and MxD's Academic and Industry network, Dan has been immersed in the theory of Model-Based Definition (MBD), Digital Thread, and Digital Twin to facilitate a market search for a solution. The goal is to prove out a solution and provide lessons learned on best practices to strengthen US Manufacturing to support warfighter readiness.

Dan grew up and still lives in the neighboring burbs of Chicago. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and worked in design and manufacturing roles for Chicagoland manufacturers. After obtaining his MBA, Dan’s career grew into management roles in manufacturing and distribution operations. Throughout his career, Dan has received certifications in DMAIC, Lean Six Sigma, project management, SAFe Agile, ScrumMaster, and DevOps Engineer. He is currently working on a post grad program in AI and Machine learning.

When time is available, Dan still likes to apply continuous improvement techniques to his golf game but never seems to get enough data in a season.