Briefing on the Illinois Innovation Economy


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Key Speakers

Chandra Brown

About the Event

MxD will be participating in a briefing on the Illinois Innovation Economy hosted on December 7, 2020. Other organizations participating include ISTC and SSTI.

Co-hosted by Rep. Sonya Harper, Chair of the House Economic Opportunity & Equity Committee, this session will address how Illinois and other states leverage science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in order to effectively, and efficiently, maximize new product, business and job creation. Speakers include key stakeholders from Illinois and SSTI, a national innovation policy nonprofit.

Topics: Why governments support innovation; initiatives that have been successful in Illinois and other states; and, local perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing the state today.


Welcome: Representative Sonya M. Harper, Chair of the House Economic Opportunity & Equity Committee

National Perspective on Innovation Economies: Jason Rittenberg, Policy and Development Director, SSTI

Illinois' Innovation Economy: Matthew Bragg, Director, Illinois Science & Technology Coalition

Conversation on the Illinois Innovation Economy:
- Erin Guthrie, Director, Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (Moderator)
- Chandra Brown, CEO, MxD
- Garry Cooper, Founder & CEO, Rheaply
- Jake Hamann, Founder & Executive Director, Peoria Innovation Alliance

Key Speakers

image of <b>Chandra Brown</b>
Chandra Brown