Catch the Shift: Navigating Digital Era Paradoxes in Manufacturing | Chandra Brown as Featured Speaker


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Key Speakers

Chandra Brown

About the Event

CEO of MxD Chandra Brown will be featured as a speaker at ManpowerGroup Catch the Shift: Navigating Digital Era Paradoxes in Manufacturing.

For the 3rd Annual Women Leaders in Manufacturing Event, ManpowerGroup is convening female executives from academia, business and government for keynote addresses, interactive sessions and panels to discuss some of the hottest issues manufacturing faces in the digital era.

Companies that are digitizing are growing, and that growth is producing more and new kinds of jobs, opportunities and paradoxes. Manufacturing is the vanguard of digital transformation and women are playing a leading role in sector wide transformation turbocharged by the digitally connected enterprise, the relentless expansion of data, and Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’).

Tune in via live stream to learn from women who are leading innovation, seizing opportunity and empowering others to shape the future of digital manufacturing. Click here to register or for more information.

Key Speakers

image of Chandra Brown
Chandra Brown
CEO of MxD