Chicago Future Manufacturing Seminar Series | Part 4


Virtual Event



About the Event

MxD, University of Chicago, and our partner institutions are proud to introduce the Chicago Future Manufacturing Seminar Series. This series will feature invited speakers to discuss cutting-edge research on future manufacturing (e.g., ecomanufacturing and cybermanufacturing) —working in tandem through the NSF-funded MADE-PUBLIC project to establish an intelligent, scalable, and democratized manufacturing paradigm that allows for distributed printing of low-cost, biodegradable, and recyclable electronic devices using locally identifiable resources, such as bio-based materials derived from plants. These electronic devices are critical components in the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT). This series will not only further MxD’s mission of establishing Chicago as a future manufacturing hub, but it seeks to educate a diverse audience of students and the public on the future of sustainable manufacturing.