Digital Transformation Executive Roundtable


Virtual Event



Key Speakers

Rob Guenard
Tony Del Sesto
Dr. Donna Rhodes
Guest Speaker
Malcolm Jeffers

About the Event

We look forward to hearing the strategies and insights that our guests from biologics leader Biogen, and gene sequencing solutions leader Illumina, will share regarding their responses to disruptive change. We'll also hear from guests at MxD and MIT who will share recent research findings to enrich the discussion.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how industry leaders Illumina and Biogen have used technology to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and how disruptive change has been incorporated into their technology strategy.
  • Hear the latest research from MIT on socio-technical aspects of organizational change towards advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Dive into the findings of an industry assessment MxD did on behalf of the FDA into barriers to adoption of smart manufacturing technology in the medical product space and discover how to overcome them.
  • Share your own experiences with disruptive change and other driving forces within your organization, hear from your colleagues, and inform future research directions.


  • Rob Guenard - Head of Digital Realization, Product, and Technology Development with Biogen
  • Tony Del Sesto - Digital Manufacturing Technical Fellow with MxD
  • Dr. Donna Rhodes - Principal Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Guest Speaker - Illumina

Malcolm Jeffers, Transformation Strategist and Head of Research with the International Academy of Automation Engineering (IAAE), will ask these guests to share their perspectives and insights, and will also be keen to hear both the questions and insights from those who join this event, so as to surface collective intelligence that will benefit all those leading their organizations through disruptive change.

Key Speakers

image of Rob Guenard
Rob Guenard
Biogen, Head of Digital Realization,
Product, and Technology Development
image of Tony Del Sesto
Tony Del Sesto
MxD, Technical Fellow
image of Dr. Donna Rhodes
Dr. Donna Rhodes
MIT, Principal Research Scientist
image of Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
image of Malcolm Jeffers
Malcolm Jeffers
IAAE, Transformation
Strategist and Head of Research