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Tony Del Sesto

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Expanding revenue sources and becoming a holistic partner to enterprises has been a goal for global carriers for many years. With the evolution of cellular technologies, enterprises have slowly seen and explored the benefits of enterprise cellular services, carriers finally can realize their vision to become partners not only in connectivity solutions, but across the IoT stack.

Proven and demonstrated successful case studies now span all types of verticals, from manufacturing to retail, healthcare, transportation, education, utilities and much more. A renewed and vigorous approach to incorporating and leveraging technologies such as AI & ML, OSS & BSS, public cloud and private wireless networks are placing CSPs in a pivotal position to deliver enterprise services. However, security, scalability and affordability remain challenges to overcome. It is becoming clear that there is a growing ecosystem ready to partner with enterprises, cloud providers and suppliers to drive 5G into the heart of enterprises’ digital transformation.

MxD Technical Fellow Tony Del Sesto will be a featured speaker at E5G Show.

Top reasons to attend:

•    Hear from market leaders such as Tami Erwin with Verizon Business and other CEOs looking to lay their claim in the huge Enterprise market opportunity
•    5G is the key to digital transformation in the enterprise, and this event will give you a clear roadmap into how to get a piece of the pie
•    Understand the trends in partnership models, with more enterprises favouring cloud suppliers, and build a strategy that allows for adaptability and scalability
•    Establish relationships with the organizations building the most advanced private network technologies
•    Meet and network with our speakers from verticals such as utilities, manufacturing, transportation, education and more!

Key Speakers

image of <b>Tony Del Sesto</b>
Tony Del Sesto
Technical Fellow