Future Solutions for Industry 4.0: Integrating AI at the Manufacturing Edge


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Federico Sciammarella

About the Event

Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the integration of AI-powered insights for IoT devices running at the edge. This talk will explore the opportunities and challenges in adopting Edge AI and Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturers. Panelists will discuss how Edge AI is changing the manufacturing landscape, from predictive maintenance and quality control to autonomous robots and intelligent supply chain management. We will also discuss the challenges that come with implementing Edge AI, such as security, data privacy, and scalability.

The panel discussion will conclude with key takeaways for manufacturers looking to implement Edge AI and Industry 4.0 solutions. This includes best practices for selecting and deploying Edge AI, integrating Edge AI with other Industry 4.0 technologies, and considerations for data privacy and security. Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of Edge AI and Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturing.

Moderated by Josh Elliot, Modzy Co-founder & COO, the panel will feature diverse perspectives with expert insight from:

Key Speakers

image of <b>Federico Sciammarella</b>
Federico Sciammarella