Made in America? The Road to Re-Shoring Domestically





Key Speakers

Chandra Brown

About the Event

As we’ve been forced to cope with seemingly endless challenges resulting from the supply chain crisis and domestic labor shortages, the topic of Re-Shoring which was once relevant 6 months ago seems far from our minds as we try get through each and every day. However, as we start to see glimmers of improvement with supply chain and labor, bolstered by automation, though threatened by geopolitical conflicts and inflation, one could ask the question – what would it look like to lean-in to domestic manufacturing?

What is the current status of re-shoring domestically? Is there enough domestic talent to make the shift happen, and can we afford it? How are leaders in supply chain and procurement optimizing their cost structures to combat shortages and fight inflation? What does the pace of growth look like? Together, we’ll discuss these questions and more with leaders strategizing on these potential moves.

Chandra Brown, CEO of MxD, will be the moderator at this event.

Key Speakers

image of Chandra Brown
Chandra Brown