ManuSec USA | Akin Akinbosoye to Speak at Cybersecurity Summit


Trump International Hotel & Tower
401 N Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60611, USA



Key Speakers

Akin Akinbosoye

About the Event

Director of Cybersecurity at MxD, Akin Akinbosoye, will be participating in a roundtable at the 2019 ManuSec USA event here in Chicago, IL. This year’s #ManuSec USA summit explores solutions to the widening array of cyber threats jeopardizing American manufactures as they increasingly embrace technological innovations. A senior delegation of 120+ manufacturing and cybersecurity leaders from across the country explore policy frameworks, best practice case studies, and enterprise-wide engagement strategies to establish the practical steps needed to protect their key assets from cyber threats.

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Key Speakers

image of Akin Akinbosoye
Akin Akinbosoye
Director of Cybersecurity at MxD