MBE Summit & QIF Summit


1415 N Cherry Ave
Chicago, IL 60642



About the Event

The event is for anyone working in or supporting any industry in the areas of design, manufacturing, or quality. The emphasis will be on the exchange of data throughout the enterprise using a Model-Based Definition. Medical, aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive, industrial equipment, and product development industries from small to large organizations are represented at this annual event.

MBE Summit
The MBE Summit has brought academia, government, and industry experts together for 10 years to share the challenges, implementation issues, and lessons learned in design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sustainment of products and processes where a Model-Based approach is used. This includes all aspects of the product lifecycle from design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sustainment of products, where a digital 3D model acts as the authoritative source of information.

QIF Summit
We have been gathering those people and organizations interested in developing an open standard to facilitate the seamless movement of a model-based definition and manufacturing quality data. Quality of Information Framework 3.0 is a structured way to achieve that objective. We invite everyone interested in the standard and who wants to help improve and expand it to join us at this year’s QIF summit by DMSC.