Engineering USA: Midwest Food & Beverage Leadership Summit 2022


1415 N Cherry Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642



About the Event

The world has changed, and so have we. Surviving, let alone thriving, in theĀ Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry has never been pie, but the supply chain crisis and workforce shortages fueled by the global pandemic have exacerbated existing challenges and created an onslaught of new ones. How should manufacturers respond?

To restore health to an ailing body, we must apply the proper treatment. To restore health to the food and beverage industry, we must do the same. But before we can do that, we need to understand what is making us sick, not merely its symptoms. Then, and only then, can we diagnose the real problem and implement the right solution.

With a diagnosis in mind, leaders in the food and beverage industry from the Midwest, which leads the nation in food manufacturing, are invited to contribute their voice to a full-day thought leadership summit focusing on innovation, disruption and the new dimensions of manufacturing health.

The summit will include a tour of MxD's innovation factory and a networking happy hour. The event will be sponsored by Engineering USA, Demand Solutions and FSO Institute.