The State of Manufacturing: Inflation, Supply Chain and Reshoring


MxD Innovation Center
1415 N Cherry Ave
Chicago, IL 60642



Key Speakers

Berardino Baratta

About the Event

Time: 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT

Program Description:

According to Forbes, “the relationship between manufacturing and inflation is more complex and multi-faceted than most news reports give it credit for.” Experts in the manufacturing industry are trying to find solutions to the ever-evolving impact inflation is having on the supply chain crisis. Is turning to reshoring a viable option? What would it look like to bring manufacturing back to America? Will increasing focus on local supply chains align with companies’ and consumers’ expectations for pricing and help alleviate inflation stress? What potential issues could be predicted to prevent a continued supply chain crisis?

Join the Exec Club’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain Forum for a discussion of the current economic environment’s impact on the industry.

Key Speakers

image of Berardino Baratta
Berardino Baratta