Digital Tools for Verification, Validation and Certification

Currently, industry spends over $250 billion on testing and inspecting goods for quality, safety and performance. This can include everything from on-site testing to inspections across the entire supply chain. Digital and virtual tools are currently used throughout industry to aid with testing and inspection, but adoption has been limited thus far. There is a need for established continuity regarding Verification, Validation and Certification and the development of trustworthy digital tools to empower organizations to make quicker and better-informed decisions.

About the Project

MxD is seeking to research on how digital tools can be used to help decrease the time and cost of Verification, Validation and Certification processes and increase an organization’s connectivity to the digital thread. As manufacturing becomes more digitized and technology becomes more and more ingrained in our products and processes, the pace of development and production cycles is rapidly increasing. With this increase in rapidity, the means with which we verify, validate, and certify goods must also evolve. Many organizations recognize this but may not be sure of how to address this problem or how to maximize the usage of the digital tools available to them.

The uncertainty currently surrounding the accuracy of digital models prevents them from being a reliable tool for organizations. By creating a comprehensive list of requirements and expectations of a digital model, we can then tailor further research and development to target those areas for improvement. There is value in further exploring digital tools and models to better inform decision making at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

RFP responses are due on or before
Thursday, November 10, 2022, 5:00 p.m. CT.

Proposals must be submitted by teams; MxD membership is not required for submission but will be required prior to project award. To facilitate team formation, MxD will compile and disseminate contact information from parties interested in Team Formation during the first month of the proposal period. If you are interested in submitting your contact info to this distribution list, please email

Note: All project work must be performed in the United States.
This project is a TIA Enterprise Project that requires a minimum of 1:1 cost share.

Team Formation Opportunity

Please join MxD's community for a virtual Team Formation Opportunity on September 29, 2022. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to identify synergies between their proposal approaches.

In addition, individuals and organizations will be able to share a snapshot of their solution to the Request for Proposals (RFP) and receive preliminary feedback from the MxD community.

The Team Formation Opportunity for this project will be held on
Thursday, September 29, 2022, 10:00 a.m. CT.

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