Siemens digital twin featured on the MxD factory floor


Siemens drives global digital manufacturing transformation by leveraging a holistic digital twin that integrates software and automation across the value chain. This enables merging the virtual and real worlds together to realize innovations faster and feed real production data into the digital twin for constant improvement.

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Founding Partner

About Siemens’ Involvement

Siemens’ partnership with MxD enables an environment where current technologies and the art of the possible are experienced and made real.  Siemens also supports MxD actions on workforce development. Competitiveness is knowledge, and knowledge in today’s world is digital. Therefore, a workforce must be tuned up for technology. The company’s partnership with MxD ranges from a large demonstration space on the factory floor to a $1.25 million grant from the Siemens Foundation to train the industry’s cybersecurity workforce of the future.

View from inside the MxD factory

Factory Floor

MxD’s 22,000-square-foot research factory is used to test and demonstrate new technology; train the workforce on these new systems and tools; and demonstrate the need for cybersecurity in manufacturing.

Siemens Digital Enterprise Experience is an interactive environment that merges the virtual and real world together showing how Industry 4.0 and the Digital Twin realizes innovations faster.

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Al Hufstetler
Al Hufstetler

Vice President, ECS Siemens Software

“Working through a consortium like MxD allows us to touch more people and enlighten them to the possibilities of digital manufacturing. Bringing together government, private corporations and educational institutions is an excellent way to propagate digitization.”

Featured Success Stories

Better Boards Make Better Birds for the Air Force

Aerospace and global security company Lockheed Martin was awarded a project by MxD to address this issue and lead the PCB industry into the digital age. They partnered with several organizations across the PCB lifecycle to successfully manufacture three new printed circuit boards at different locations, all within the guidelines of a newly created standard. 

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