Jump-Starting Resilient and Reimagined Operations Series Part 5: Reimagining a Sustainable Operations Competitive Advantage


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Key Speakers

Scott Leonard
Zoe Bezpalko
Jeff Shulman

About the Event

Time: 10:00 a.m. CT - 11:00 a.m. CT

Dramatic shifts in customer expectations, demand patterns, and industry structures create the opportunity for equally dramatic shifts in companies’ operations and beyond, as leaders reexamine the role that operations plays in connecting with customers and building an entire corporate strategy. We are already seeing multiple ways in which organizations can adapt their operations to create lasting competitive advantage and to meet environmental and social-responsibility goals. Informed by customer insights, some companies will reinvent themselves entirely in the coming years, focusing on specific technologies or market niches—or repositioning themselves within the manufacturing value chain by ramping up direct distribution while increasing delivery speed and flexibility. Join experts from McKinsey, Autodesk, and the Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corporation for a virtual discussion about industry trends and examples of sustainable operations in manufacturing.

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Join experts from McKinsey & Company and MxD in a unique five-part webinar series as we shed light on five post-COVID-19 themes that will enhance operational performance.

Attendees will hear from leaders from the manufacturing industry as we discuss:

Part 1: Building Operations Resilience July 29

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Part 2: Accelerating End-To-End Digitization August 12

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Part 3: Rapidly Increasing Capital and Operating Expense Transparency August 26

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Part 4: Driving the Future of Work September 16

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Part 5: Reimagining a Sustainable Operations Competitive Advantage September 30

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Key Speakers

image of <b>Scott Leonard</b>
Scott Leonard
Chief Executive Officer for
Sustainable Opportunities
Acquisition Corp.
image of <b>Zoe Bezpalko</b>
Zoe Bezpalko
Sustainability Strategy Manager
image of <b>Jeff Shulman</b>
Jeff Shulman
Global Leader of McKinsey's
Operations Academies
McKinsey & Company

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