January 31, 2018

Making the Jump from 2D to 3D

2D drawings in conjunction with 3D models traditionally have been used to communicate product design through the supply chain. Moving from 2D drawings to 3D models is time consuming and costly and often results in duplicative work and translation errors. Defining which information goes into a 3D model and then standardizing how that information should be used through the supply chain can eliminate the need for 2D drawings altogether and enhance supply chain efficiency.


Rolls-Royce led a project at MxD that reviewed, evaluated, and tested current tools for creating and transferring 3D models through the supply chain. This project identified the importance of having interoperable programs and proved the need to standardize the data within 3D models to eliminate 2D drawings. The results of this project laid the foundation for additional MxD projects, including “Digitally Enabling the Supply Chain” with Rolls-Royce and “Creating a Model-Based Feature Information Network” with Lockheed Martin.