August 15, 2018

Software for CNC Rapid Prototyping

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are important to manufacturing because of their ability to create very precise parts. To make each new part, manufacturers must build a new program for their CNC machines, a process that traditionally takes days of labor and a CNC expert.


Iowa State University worked with Deere & Company within the collaborative environment of the MxD to create CNC Rapid Prototyping Software (CNC-RP). Iowa State's CNC-RP software saves manufacturers significant cost and time by automating parts of the preparation process, allowing the CNC operator to transition from design to machining with the push of a button. The software’s user-friendly interface does not require the same level of expertise that was historically required, making this tool especially valuable when creating prototypes. This new technology is empowering a new generation of workers, streamlining production, and enhancing U.S. manufacturing capabilities.